Breathe to Bust Stress Course

Helps highly stressed, energy depleted and sleep deprived women

Breathe to Bust Stress and Build Energy is a unique Coaching Program that helps women to reduce stress even when there’s no clear plan, fear or failure, or lack of confidence

What we offer for you

You will experience a renewed Brain/Body Connection and gain the ability to use your breath as a source of incredible power.

Reduce Stress. Become a great Leader.

Improve confidence. Become a good Speaker.


Breath Assess

Relate their Breath Baseline to their overall health without complicated analysis…

Breath Connect

Connect breath with the movement of every muscle in the body, without complicated or confusing…

The Mindset Breath

Utilize six (6) distinct mindsets to meet life’s daily challenges, without complicated methods…

What People are Saying

I read your book from start to finish, and I think you did an amazing job with it. I made a few line edits throughout and commented where you could re-word some phrases and add scientific references for statements (see attached).

As a gerontologist, I really appreciate your section on Age-Defying Living. It’s important to stress – especially as humans are are living longer – that there are a number of aging stereotypes that limit us (self-fulfilling prophecy!). We must unapologetically, without shame, embrace our true age, and not let any preconceived notions of that number limit how we live, love, move, breathe etc.

Finally, I truly enjoyed your vulnerability and encouragement throughout the book! I think your story, complete with setbacks, successes and everything in between, will encourage others to bring their own stories to light.


Course Instructor

Lisa Charles

Best Selling Author, CEO of Embrace Your Fitness

Lisa is the Breathing Boss and the Brain-Body Alignment Specialist helping women to live an Age Defying Life so they can release stress – restore energy and gain mental clarity to live the life of their dreams.

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