Corporate Coaching

Lead your team to wellness success and the Age-Defying Life!

You are serious about your employees’ or group’s overall health and what I call the Age-Defying Life.

And while you know this includes a program for fitness and good nutrition, you wonder if hiring a corporate coach/trainer will make a difference.

“Will our people stick with it? Is it about boring exercises? What if Lisa is pushy or judgemental? Can we afford it?”


Routines built for each person

First, your people will stick with it because I get them moving with non-boring activities they enjoy.

Do some like bicycling? Playing golf? Skiing? Maybe walking is more their style.

I build routines for each person – using what they love – to help them:

  • Sleep better and stop being tired.
  • Reduce their stress level and become more productive.
  • Build lean muscle mass strength.
  • Burn more fat and lose weight responsibly.
  • Increase their energy and seize each day!

The personalized routines become a fun part of your group members’ healthy life.

And when they embrace the Age-Defying Life, their fitness, well-being, and self-image can improve!

Why engage Lisa?

Once I became fit, my passion turned to helping others with their wellness.

That’s why I worked hard to become a certified health coach/trainer, wellness speaker, and CEO of my health and wellness consultancy.

I’m not pushy or judgemental, and I understand where your employees or group members are coming from.

Because I’ve been there.

Here’s how it works

We’ll get them on the right track to fitness and nutrition, starting with a conversation about specific needs and moving to the A.G.E. Life Framework (Age with Grace and Excellence).

We’ll even find small changes they can use at work, at home, or while traveling. Don’t lose the fitness momentum!

Please contact me for a free consultation about your team’s fitness journey and getting each person to their goals. I promise you’ll come away from the call with new ideas for your group program.

Let’s work together to move your team toward an Age-Defying Life!

The fitness tips and coaching provided by our instructor, Lisa Charles are priceless and keep me focused on my overall health goals.

The program has taught me how to eat the meals I enjoy in moderation, love my

body size and most importantly understand how vital daily exercise is to my life.

I now focus on walking, stretching, breathing and drinking more water and I owe this to the wellness program.

Lisa Charles is phenomenal and is always available for support. She makes me feel like I have my very own personal trainer. I love the wellness program and have recommended it to friends and neighbors in the community.

Darlene Holmes

Proven Programs

Destination Walk

A group walking program with a destination in mind! All participants count their miles toward the total to "arrive" at the chosen destination. The group's accomplishment is celebrated at a fun, destination-themed celebration!

Food Challenge

Inspiring and engaging Food Challenges motivate your employees or organization to eat better, while participaing in a fun, educational event. 

Custom Programs

From pop-up fitness events to custom wellness videos, Coach Lisa will help your organization develop a unique, memorable and health-focused program. 

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