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Yes! Commit. Do. Live.

YES! COMMIT. DO LIVE. takes you on a journey to reimagine yourself, discover the true/authentic you, and find lasting health from the top-down/inside-out. Combining aspects of health coaching, personal training, and brain sciene, The YES! System flips the script on aging using a simple, three-part process:

COMMIT. Embrace the Yes! Mindset—a positive, empowered outlook enabling you to eliminate barriers, reimagine your potential, and discover the authentic you.

DO. Reconnect your brain and body using focused movement, breathing, and eating exercises. Choose an age-defying live—you really can “Age with Grace and Excellence.”

LIVE. Boldly challenge your brain, body, and beliefs throughout the rest of your life as you achieve and advance your personal vision and goals.

Lisa has put her years of self-exploration, career reinvention, and fitness/wellness coaching to work in helping countless clients reclaim their health and transform their lives. Now, she’s challenging you: Are you willing to ember on the YES! Journey to find a version of “you” you never thought possible?


Highly Recommend!

I thoroughly enjoyed Yes! Commit. Do. Live. This is a book of life transformation, and it should be in the hands of everyone who is looking for the pathway to better whole-body wellness. Lisa takes the reader on a journey that fosters a strong, moral character – a positive mindset and a healthy body from the inside – out. She combines her health coaching training with her knowledge of brain science through her work at Rutgers to give a solid roadmap to transformational change. This book should be required reading for every person who believes life isn’t fair, and life needs to change. It teaches you that all change in your life begins with you improving yourself and shows you the necessary process to become a better, stronger you.

All things then become possible. Powerful.

Dr. Terrance Lee Baker, MD, MS, FAAEP, FAAFP
Family medicine- Baltimore, MD
Geriatric Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Forensic Medicine

Read Dr. Terrance Lee Baker's Bio

Dr. Baker is currently a member of Johns Hopkins Community Physicians in Baltimore Maryland. He has over 30 years of experience in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine , Geriatrics and Forensic Medicine. Dr. Baker received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Johns Hopkins University; his Medical degree from  George Washington University and his Residency Training from Medical College of Virginia.

Currently Dr. Baker serves in the following positions: CEO/Founder of Sollay Medical Center, Co-Founder/ President of Sollay Kenyan Foundation, President of the American Association of Emergency Physicians (AAEP), President of North American Association of Photobiomodulation (NAALT), immediate past President of American Association of Physician Specialties (AAPS), Producer of Tv Show “Doctors in the House” NABN-TV (NBC-Africa).


The messages here are familiar to me and my clients. I appreciated the theme and life practice, showing self-transformation as attainable. The lessons are cleanly presented and easy to remember. The book promotes a build-from-the-inside/out mindset that is far more likely to be transformative than “yo-yo” diets or wasting money on the latest health gadgets and pills. As a whole, this is a workout system that coaches the reader in personal responsibility and taking actions toward their goals. Her methodology is based on science plus her long years of successfully working with clients. Last, let me say that you will enjoy the many anecdotes from Lisa’s life in which she shares what she has learned along the way. Aisha-Sky Gates, relationship coach and founder of Elevate Womxn Collaborative

Aisha-Sky Gates
Elevate Womxn Collaborative, Gates Counseling

About Lisa Charles

Dive into the transformative world of Lisa, a celebrated Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author of "Yes! Commit Do Live," and the visionary CEO of Embrace Your Fitness, LLC. Lisa's groundbreaking approach, born from her own journey of shedding 77lbs without dieting, revolutionizes wellness by seamlessly integrating the brain-body connection, propelling you towards tangible success in every passion and desire.

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