Introducing Lisa Charles

Before I became a health and wellness coach/trainer focusing on helping others feel better every day, I was on the fast track as a federal prosecutor and civil rights coordinator in the state of New Jersey (U.S.).

In the true spirit of carpe diem, I left law to pursue my dream of singing and acting full-time. And I succeeded!

I was on stage and on TV.

I had it all with prominent roles and singing solo at Carnegie Hall.

And then I lost my singing and performing voice.

My self-image was shot. Everything I had worked for…

I had to find my confidence.

But I didn’t know where to start.

I had to rediscover the feeling of success and well-being.

But … I didn’t know where to start.

Taking stock of what’s truly important

Why do I tell you this story?

Because you – or one of your team members – might be in this situation right now.

Something has shifted life’s focus to what is truly important: health.

In dramatic fashion, I changed my lifestyle.

You can too, and it’s easier than you think!

I lost weight – permanently – and focused on brain/body wellness.

But I couldn’t have done it without a non-boring approach that didn’t focus on dieting.

I created a non-boring approach

A ‘non-boring/no dieting’ approach wasn’t available, so I created it.

Now I share it with you!

I concentrated on:

  • Proper nutrition, not fad diets or infomercial cooking gadgets.
  • The brain/body connection to wellness.
  • Fun ways to get moving, doing something I enjoyed.

My Passion

Helping Others Find Health

By the time I rediscovered my health, I had shed almost 80 pounds without dieting.

And that ignited my passion for fitness.

Being healthy and fit felt good.

It felt right.

That response still breathes life into my soul and wakes me up each morning with this mission: helping others live a healthier, more active life – no matter their age, and without resorting to demanding exercise or fad diets.

Want to know more?

Let’s start the conversation about my non-judgmental, fun approach to get you to fitness.

Maybe you simply want to feel better. Or lose weight. Or tone muscles.

And if you don’t know where to start, I understand.

I’ve been there.

Contact me below to schedule a good time for us to have a quick chat about your fitness goals (if you know them) and health and wellness.

Hope to talk with you soon!


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About Lisa Charles

Dive into the transformative world of Lisa, a celebrated Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author of "Yes! Commit Do Live," and the visionary CEO of Embrace Your Fitness, LLC. Lisa's groundbreaking approach, born from her own journey of shedding 77lbs without dieting, revolutionizes wellness by seamlessly integrating the brain-body connection, propelling you towards tangible success in every passion and desire.

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