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the Dominican Republic




All-Inclusive Woman’s Health Revolution from the Top-Down Inside-out!


May 30th – June 3rd, 2024 Villa Serena Hotel.

Here’s what you’ll experience…



Daily Access to Unique Programs Created by Two (2) Highly Accomplished Professionals with an Expertise in Chronic Disease, Pain, Arthritis, Breathing, Sleep, Corrective Exercises, and More!


  • Stay in an Exclusive Healing Complex
  • Luxury Accommodations
  • Private Transportation to and from the airport
  • Daily Private Transport to excursions and restaurants, etc.
  • Private Chef prepared meals
  • Dinner and Lunch scheduled outings


Boutique hotel with a private beach
and Guided daily classes
and enrichment activities.

Plant-Based meals prepared with
fresh, local, organic ingredients

Vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan
menu with gluten-free options.

Bikes, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment free of charge.


Lisa Charles, Best Selling Author, CEO of Embrace Your Fitness, is the Breathing Boss and the Brain-Body Alignment Specialist helping women to live an Age Defying Life so they can release stress – restore energy and gain mental clarity to live the life of their dreams, has teamed up with Christine Conti, Best Selling Author, CEO of CONTI Fitness & Wellness, Chronic Disease Fitness Specialist, Mindset Coach, Keynote Speaker-helping people overcome fear and unleash their “split-second courage” to live the fun and fulfilling life they deserve.


Reinventing the Woman is an immersive, stimulating all-women’s, all -inclusive, life-changing retreat. Be prepared to ignite your passions, while crafting your personal vision for an Age Defying Life. Discover how to improve your overall health from the inside-out as you experience guided mind and body classes specifically designed for every fitness level. Engage in self-reflection through yoga, breath work, meditation, dance, weight training and more. Learn how to tap into your greatest potential by facing your fears and believe that anything is possible.

During your time at REINVENTING THE WOMAN 2024, you will learn to:
Dance in your Passions!!

  • Peel back the layers of fear that hold you back, and navigate stress and uncertainty.
  • Honor and appreciate your true value – understanding who you are at your inner most core.
  • Re-wire the brain to transform negative – limited thoughts into positive-transformational actions.
  • Craft a plan to bolster physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of your life.

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